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Contact sport-induced coronary artery dissection


A relatively low velocity chest compression occurred in an otherwise healthy 29-year-old first grade football player during a game. The injury caused delayed coronary artery dissection resulting in ventricular fibrillation, a massive myocardial infarction, and anoxic brain injury. Four years after successful resuscitation and rehabilitation, he still has reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, but with only minor cognitive deficit.

Dissection of the coronary arterial wall is rarely seen in clinical experience, but it is seen in autopsy findings in arteriosclerotic cases. Dissection in sub-intimal or sub-adventitial areas results in obstruction of the lumen and ischemia of the distal myocardium, as in our case. This type of obstruction has recently been reported more often, probably due to increased awareness and improved diagnostic radiological techniques.


contact sports, coronary dissection, stent

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