Aims: To investigate patient attitudes to analgesia, opioids and non-pharmacological analgesia including acupuncture, in the ED.

Methods: ED patients with pain were surveyed regarding: pain scores, satisfaction, addiction concern, non-pharmacological methods of pain relief, and acupuncture. Data were analysed using logistic regression.

Results: Of 196 adult patients, 52.8% were ‘very satisfied’ with analgesia. Most patients (84.7%) would accept non-pharmacological methods including acupuncture (68.9%) and 78.6% were not concerned about addiction. Satisfaction was associated with male gender, and ‘adequate analgesia’ but not with opioids.

Conclusion: Most patients were generally satisfied with ED analgesia and were open to non-pharmacologic analgesia including acupuncture.


acupuncture, emergency medicine, pain management

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