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Let’s not forget endometriosis and infertility amid the covid-19 crisis


Covid-19 has swamped our collective experience. It dominates the news and our lives. Hospitals are canceling surgery and people are too frightened to seek medical care. Yet the burden of disease due to infertility and endometriosis remains. Women with infertility are worried about the delay to receive services due to the cancelation of elective surgery and reduction in the availability of consultation services in many countries. Women with endometriosis face chronic pain, aggravated by higher levels of anxiety attributable to economic changes, social restrictions and fears about covid-19.

This editorial has elected to remind us that there is more to healthcare than covid-19. We have decided to refocus on the neglected needs of our patients with infertility and endometriosis, which remain important health considerations for many women. Both diagnoses are associated with psychological distress, stigma, diminished social and economic participation, and high costs to individuals and the health system. These conditions often co-exist, and women face long periods of time engaging in healthcare services to achieve their quality of life and reproductive goals.


editorial, Covid-19, delays in health services, infertility, endometriosis

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