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Setting the global research agenda in psychosocial aspects of women’s health – outcomes from ISPOG world conference at The Hague


The World Conference of the International Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology held in The Hague, Netherlands in October 2019 ran a dedicated session debating the global research priorities for psychological and social aspects of women’s health. Member countries of ISPOG and individual members were invited to lodge abstracts arguing for topics that required, or would benefit from, a global effort to seek answers to important issues in clinical care. Using a deliberative decision-making approach, a debate was held after presentations, and the audience voted for the top-ranked topics (Table 1). The six identified topics, being three in gynecology and obstetrics respectively, reflected areas of common clinical concern and where gaps in knowledge were identified.


editorial, global research priorities, women's health, psychological and social aspects, gynecology, obstetrics

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