Chaplaincy perspectives on the role of spirituality in Australian health and aged care


The aim of this study was to explore Australian chaplains’ views of spirituality. Semi-structured online interviews were conducted with 16 participants. Participants relied heavily on metaphors and analogies to describe spirituality. Four inter-related themes were identifed through refexive thematic analysis: (1) The core of spirituality: spirituality as a source of meaning or belief which leads to connectedness with something greater than oneself; (2) A function of spirituality: spirituality empowers people to cope in a crisis, by providing motivation, hope and comfort; (3) The experience of spiritual crisis: admission to hospital or residential care can lead to existential struggle; and (4) The spiritual practice: of holding space between struggle and growth. Greater understanding of the theoretical basis of their work may allow chaplains to ofer more in the therapeutic space.


chaplain, healthcare, aged care, spirituality, perspectives, ricoeur, metaphor, narrative, aboriginal

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