The value of spiritual care training for all staff working in health and aged care has been demonstrated. This study investigated how spiritual care specialists (SCSs) perceive their role in delivering spiritual care education to other staff. Fourteen SCSs participated in three online focus groups. Two key themes were identified: First, SCSs build upon existing capacity of staff by: (i) recognising existing strengths and capabilities; (ii) using relevant stories; (iii) using language which makes spiritual care accessible; (iv) making training relevant and practical; (v) tapping into staff vocation or calling; and (vi) building awareness of one’s own spirituality. Second, SCSs assist staff to draw upon SCS expertise by establishing a trusting relationship and developing staff awareness of the SCS role. The SCS’s role in delivering spiritual care education is an important one, and further consideration regarding how to support them in this role is warranted.


aged care, chaplaincy, healthcare professionals, spiritual care, training

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