BLUF: Mechanical sprint characteristics produce acceptable trial to trial reliability in state U16 female basketball athletes.

INTRODUCTION: Sprint acceleration is a key component of basketball performance that occurs frequently during competition that is commonly measured over various distances using timing gates. Sprint profiling is a topical area of research that provides practitioners an insight into the underlying mechanical characteristics that contributed to the performance. These include theoretical maximal force, theoretical maximal velocity, maximum power, slope of the force velocity relationship, maximum ratio of force, decrease in ratio of force and max speed. This study aimed to investigate the reliability of mechanical sprint characteristics in state U16 female basketball athletes.


basketball, performance, mechanical sprint characteristics, trial, reliability


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Edwards, T., Joseph, J., Lewis, B., and Cripps, A. (2020) Reliability of mechanical sprint profiles in state U16 female basketball athletes. Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning, 27(6), 25.

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