Screening for small molecule modulators of Trypanosoma brucei Hsp70 chaperone activity based upon alcyonarian coral-derived natural products


The Trypanosoma brucei Hsp70/J-protein machinery plays an essential role in survival, differentiation, and pathogenesis of the protozoan parasite, and is an emerging target against African Trypanosomiasis. This study evaluated a set of small molecules, inspired by the malonganenones and nuttingins, as modulators of the chaperone activity of the cytosolic heat inducible T. brucei Hsp70 and constitutive TbHsp70.4 proteins. The compounds were assessed for cytotoxicity on both the bloodstream form of T. b. brucei parasites and a mammalian cell line. The compounds were then investigated for their modulatory effect on the aggregation suppression and ATPase activities of the TbHsp70 proteins. A structure–activity relationship for the malonganenone-class of alkaloids is proposed based upon these results.


anti-parasitic, heat shock protein, malonganenone, SAR, African Trypanosomiasis

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