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Apology for the reasonableness of Catholic religious education

Tom Finegan

Collaboratively Improving the Instructional Core: Examining the Implementation of Lesson Study Across a System of K-12 Catholic Schools

Melodie Wyttenbach, Boston College
Angela Mitchell Loretto Primary School

Investigating Teaching and Assessment Practices in Religious Education: Perceptions of Teachers and Leaders in Catholic schools in Western Australia.

Jacinta E. Petersen Dr., University of Notre Dame Australia
Antonella Poncini Dr., Catholic Education Western Australia

Mentoring and Forming Leaders and Teachers using the Borromeo's Mentoring Framework (BMF)

John Topliss Dr., Catholic Institute of Western Australia

Research Insights: Teaching and Assessment Practices in Religious Education

Antonella Poncini

The Experiences that Form and Sustain Generation Y Religious Education Coordinators

Dirk Gleghorn

The Meaning of Christian Faith in the Lives of a Cohort of Principals of Catholic Primary Schools in the Republic of Ireland

Máire Campbell McDonald, MIC

The Question of Truth and Religious Education: Towards the Facilitation of 'Truth-events' in RE in a Pluralist Context

David Kennedy

The Relationship Between Catholic Education and Wellbeing

Amalee Meehan

The Voice of Children on Religion and Religious Education in an Irish Catholic Primary School Classroom

Maurice Harmon

Unpacking Leadership Formation Practices and Policies for US Catholic Schools

Andrew Miller

Withstanding the Goading of Temptation or Not? An Inter-textual Study of Pride and Envy in Genesis Chapter 3:1-19 and Shakespeare's Othello: Implications for Interdisciplinary Co-operation in Catholic Education

David Torevell, Leeds Trinity University