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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Circular Letter 0013/2018 in Irish News Media

Jonathan Burroughs, Mary Immaculate College

Catholic social teaching as a metaphor-led discourse: Applying the insights of contemporary metaphor theory to the documents of Catholic social teaching to uncover its theological imaginaries.

Ursula Lawler, Mary Immaculate College

Catholic Social Thought and University/Community Engagement: Rooting in the Tradition for Effective Transformation

Anthony Peter Vinciguerra, Boston College

Christian Existentialism in the Pedagogy of Paulo Freire and Its Implications for Adult Education Practice

Alex McKillican

Exploring the worldview of teachers in Catholic schools and how this influences their classroom practice especially in religious education

Richard Rymarz, BBI-TAITE
Adrian Lacey, Catholic Education Melbourne

Has the salt lost its flavour? The case for benchmarking Catholic schools in Ireland

Catherine McCormack

How Christian anthropology can inform theological vision for education

Linda Rainsberry, Mary Immaculate College

How do Secondary-level World Religions classes affect the personal faith lives of students who take them?

Anthony Paz

I am interested in an exploration of the identity of teachers in Catholic schools and the manner in which they navigate perceived challenges in Catholic Education at present.

Jayne Guiney, Mary Immaculate College

In an effort to address the lack of almost any fundamental knowledge or understanding of the Catholic faith in young people in Senior Cycle Second Level Education in Ireland, I wish to examine how a very short course in Fundamental Christology, suitable for this age group, can be developed.

Eoin Madigan, Mary Immaculate College

Inclusive Catholic Education: Pedagogical Considerations for Teaching and Learning Across Intellectual Difference

Thomas Murphy

Leadership, Mission and Ethos: Journeying Together in St Dympana’s PS, Dromore, Co Tyrone

Diocese of Raphoe, Ireland
St Mary's University College, Belfast
St Mary's University College, Belfast

Religious education in Irish secondary schools under Catholic patronage currently tend to be narrowly academic rather than academically rigorous.

Carly-Anne Gannon, Boston College

STEM Education in a Catholic Key: Implementing Catholic Social Teaching in the STEM Classroom

Michael Szopiak

The Future of Catholic Education - Challenges and Opportunities

Myra N. Hayes Dr., Mary Immaculate College

To be or not to be - that is the question: without continual professional development, Catholic primary schools in Ireland, will not be!

Daniel O'Connell