This article reports on the initial findings and justification for research undertaken in a Doctor of Education course at the University of Wollongong regarding induction programmes for beginning teachers in New South Wales independent Catholic high schools in the Sydney region. A review of relevant literature has identified seven elements of effective induction that have been utilised to select six Catholic independent high schools in Sydney to participate in a collective case study, which seeks to ascertain the nature of effective induction in these schools. The purpose of the case studies is to better understand the successes and limitations of these programmes and prepare policy recommendations for relevant bodies, such as the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) and the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), to inform the development of training programmes for school leaders to implement effective beginning teacher induction in their schools. The research will involve purposive sampling of schools that meet the criteria specified for effective induction; interviews of administrators and beginning teachers in the selected schools to better understand their perceptions and expectations of the programme; and, a document review of relevant policies, both from the schools and pertinent agencies, both government and private, that are related to the independent education sector. This paper will present the initial findings from the literature review that has culminated in the seven elements of ‘best practice’ in beginning teacher induction and the justification and the necessity of this research to enhance student learning and improve teacher retention.


induction, beginning teacher, Teacher attrition, mentoring


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