Ministry with young people has never been more important. Ever-increasing local, national and global concerns demand that schools must do more than prepare young people as responsible citizens. They must prepare young people as emerging leaders with a civic conscience who proactively seek solutions to issues such as increased poverty, the plight of refugees, terrorism, climate change, and corporate greed. This article is about student ministry. Student ministry, as defined in this article, specifically aims to build leadership capacity in school students. In particular, the article attempts to highlight the distinctiveness of student ministry and those ways it promotes and develops the innate leadership potential of all students. Three other forms of ministry to young people, pastoral ministry, youth ministry and campus ministry, are initially described by way of contrast. An understanding of student ministry follows this description. The need for student ministry in Catholic schools is then explored. The article concludes with a brief outline of the authors pilot study, the findings of which will be presented at the conference.


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