Pre-Service Teacher Reflections on Inclusive Experiences: Themes and Considerations

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Book Chapter

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This chapter will explore the perceptions and attitudes of a group of Australian pre-service teachers prior to, and following, interaction with people with disabilities during a service learning experience. The chapter will include a brief discussion of inclusion as it currently stands in Australia, followed by a description of service learning and the service learning opportunities undertaken by the pre-service teachers. The voices of the pre-service teachers will then be examined in regards to their experiences. Collecting pre-service teacher voices in relation to their perceptions of inclusion is key to ensuring that their perspectives are fully considered when designing appropriate inclusive experiences. Richardson and Le Grand (2002) describe legitimacy and completeness as aspects that are enhanced through the perspectives of those who have lived the experiences. The pre-service teachers are able to provide unique ‘insider’ perspectives on their thoughts and feelings that are not able to be accessed by any other party.


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