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Conceptualizing planning in kindergarten and preprimary settings: An exploratory study with preservice teachers


Teachers of young children conceptualize their work in a variety of ways. Understandably then, the early years planning documentation which has emerged over time, has reflected mtiltiple planning preferences as evidenced by the varied formats and processes in existence. The development of Australia's first nationally-based Early Years Learning Framework (2009) provides a unique opportunity for reconsidering the nature and purpose of planning documentation. This article considers how documentation, based on the framework, can be used to guide the development of a planning model for kindergarten and preprimary (K-PP) children. The proposed model was created for the purpose of facilitating an effective interface between the systematic processes required for inforrmation gathering, curriculum planning and student evaluation, and the delivery of a developmentally appropriate K-PP program. The documentation presented is the final product of feedback received from preservice teachers and other professionals engaged in teaching practicums.

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