This article focuses on survey responses from newly appointed secondary Religious Education teachers from the first phase of a longitudinal study. The study was conducted in Catholic schools in three dioceses of Western Australia over two school years, from 1998 to 1999. The study focused on the teachers’ perceptions of implementing the Perth Archdiocesan Religious Education Units of Work. The article outlines briefly the demographic and professional backgrounds of recently appointed RE (RARE) teachers. Next, it reports upon how these teachers perceived their use of the instructional resources and teaching approach in the RE Units. The article then describes what RARE teachers believed were the key underlying principles to be followed in implementing the RE Units. Finally, a synopsis summarises the key findings to emerge from the survey responses. The responses suggest that teaching experience and ongoing formation are required for successful curriculum implementation among recently assigned RE teachers.


Peer-reviewed, Religious Education, teacher formation, professional development, curriculum change, Catholic education, curriculum implementation

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