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Algebraic Reasoning from Research to Practice: A resource to support targeted teaching in the middle years


The current emphasis on quality teaching focuses on the correlation between professional learning and development (PLD), teacher efficacy and enhanced student learning outcomes. Abundant research evidence demonstrates that young adolescents (10-15 years old) have specific educational needs that are best catered for via developmentally responsive classroom practice, hence the rationale for scrutinising the nature and quality of middle level PLD. In this study, a sample of Years 7-8 teachers in New Zealand (NZ) schools were interviewed to determine the quality of their PLD experiences. Interviews with three key informants, who are international experts on the middle years of schooling, provided additional perspectives. The study concludes that if student learning outcomes and adolescent wellbeing are to be improved, middle level PLD should focus on enhancing teacher efficacy via both whole school and individualised initiatives.


professional learning and development (PLD), teacher efficacy, middle years, young adolescents (10-15 years old)

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