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School and university partnerships: The role of teacher education institutions and primary schools in the development of preservice teachers' science teaching efficacy


Science in the Australian primary school context is in a state of renewal with the recent implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Science. Despite this curriculum renewal, the results of primary students in science have remained static. Science in Australia has been identified as one of the least taught subjects in the primary school curriculum, and therefore, the role of the teacher is paramount. Research has explored the significant impact that tertiary education and practical experience, including the role of the science teacher educator and mentor teacher, can have on preservice teachers, in relation to either increasing or calibrating science teaching efficacy beliefs. Such research is significant due to the correlation between teaching self-efficacy and performance. Following a commentary on literature in this field, this article will present recommendations for the development of science partnerships between tertiary institutions and primary schools in Australia.


literature review, teacher education, preservice science teachers, partnerships, tertiary institutions, primary schools

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