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A multi-perspective collaborative on teacher learning for teachers of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


The purpose of this multi-perspective collaborative research activity was to analyze moments of teacher learning as perceived by a group of teachers who educate students with the label of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The researchers in this project acknowledge the value of hearing teachers’ perspectives on what works for them in their professional learning. This perspective is generated from surveys distributed to inservice teachers at three Universities (two located within the USA and one situated in Australia) and one Residential School (UK). Five overarching themes emerged at the analysis stage and relate to: practical experience, pre-service training, in-service training, mentoring and assistive technology. The current research generates insight into effective teacher learning aimed to benefit those who develop professional learning programs, with a particular emphasis on ASD. The lessons learned from this collaborative endeavor will assist the global autism community as we inform the development and design of appropriate professional development practices.



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