As online media increasingly assumes dominance in the marketplace, we use the case study of French company Le 10 Sport to explore the complexities associated with transition from print to online media and the impact on brand community. Le 10 Sport is a sport media company that has successfully gone online. As traditional print media outlets are increasingly pressured by the need to abandon existing readerships and go online, the essential question explored in this paper is can a sports media producer build and maintain its brand community while transitioning to the online platform?

The findings suggest the transition from print to online was ultimately positive for this company, enabling them to differentiate from competitors and re-position after a tumultuous start. Le 10 Sport’s experience is instructive for seeing how transition to online poses particular challenges for media marketers, particularly those seeking to transition their product and their marketing. Therefore, some general implications are discussed.


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Dr Hélène de Burgh-Woodman

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