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The chapters in Part Four fall into four sections. The first three chapters represent Patinkin’s ongoing scholarly interest in explaining the evolution of Keynes’ economics and his relationship to the Chicago economists. In his Sir Dennis Robertson lecture, Patinkin (chapter 44 [1974], 4, 27, 12) explained that he was using the term “Keynesian monetary theory” in contrast to “the quantity theory” to describe “the General Theory and the literature to which it gave rise – though I should note that the aspect of the theory that is my primary concern here (namely, the treatment of money from the viewpoint of the choice of an optimum portfolio) is in some respects more precisely developed in Keynes’ Treatise on Money … There is no doubt that Keynes of the General Theory is at one with Keynes of the Tract (1923, pp.78-9) in taking as his point of departure the individual’s demand for money holdings”.

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