George Elton Mayo: Critical evaluations in business and management

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George Elton Mayo (1880-1949) is widely recognized as the progenitor of the human relations movement in management and his work laid the foundations for later management and organizational thinking.

Mayo's work highlighted the importance of communication between management and workers and identified the now-accepted notion that work satisfaction, and therefore productivity, lies in recognition, security, and a sense of belonging, rather than monetary rewards. His findings were contrary to the theories of his contemporaries that the worker is motivated solely by self-interest (e.g. Taylorism). Mayo's work on human motivation revolutionized the theory and practice of management. This collection evaluates Mayo's role in shaping business and management studies upto the present day. It includes a new introduction and an extensive annotated bibliography. In two volumes. (Accessed from Publisher)

ISBN: 0415323908 (set)

ISBN: 0415323916 (vol. 1)

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