Henri Fayol: Critical evaluations in business and management

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Henri Fayol, (1841-1925) along with F. W. Taylor, is one of the founders of 'classical management'. Fayol's work was the first significant attempt to develop principles of top-level management and one of the first attempts to analyse the different activities that constitute management. Fayol viewed management as a process of administration consisting of five activities: planning/forecasting, organizing, co-ordinating, commanding and controlling. These two volumes place Fayol's ideas in their historical context and provide access to his key writings. The set includes assessments of his work by his contemporaries, as well as current thinking about his ideas on management. In two volumes. (Accessed from Publisher)

Part I: Henri Fayol: Life and Times. Part II: French Society at Time of Fayol. Part III: State of Administration at Time of Fayol. Part IV: Major Work in English. Part V: Parts from Major Work in English. Part VI: Other Works Translated in English. Part VII: Assessment of Contribution (1937-1969). Part VIII: Assessment of Contribution (1970-1999). Part IX: Fayolism and Related Subjects. Part X: Rejection of Fayol's Management Ideas.

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