F. W. Taylor: critical evaluations in business and management

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This collection focuses on Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), the initiator of 'scientific management'. Taylor set out to transform what had previously been a crude art form into a firm body of knowledge. His work is synonymous with breaking down tasks into the smallest detail, diagnosing the abilities of workers, and then fitting the two together to achieve greater efficiency. His methods have been associated with both massive increases in productivity and an obsession with control. In four volumes.

Volume I Part I: Taylor a Potted History. Part II: Taylor's Influence. Part III: Scientific Management and Management.

Volume II Part IV: Scientific Management and Industry. Part V: Scientific Management and Business Operations.

Volume III Part VI: Scientific Management and Education. Part VII: Scientific Management and Government. Part VIII: Scientific Management and the Military. Part IX: Scientific Management and Society. Part X: Scientific Management and Workers.

Volume IV Part XI: Scientific Management in other Disciplines. Part XII: Scientific Management Around the World - a) Scientific Management in Britain. b) Scientific Management in Western Europe. c) Scientific Management in Eastern Europe. d) Scientific Management in Asia.

ISBN: 0415248248

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