Henry Ford: critical evaluations in business and management

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This collection includes evaluations of and responses to the contributions made by Henry Ford and the ways in which his influence helped shape the understanding of management practices.

Henry Ford was an eccentric, and occasionally enlightened, thinker and remains a controversial figure today. He developed F.W. Taylor's ideas of scientific management (the subject of another four volume collection in this series), turning them into a whole 'system of production'. Ford's system was characterized by highly efficient, high volume and vertically integrated production, with high wages and low prices. His methods helped make the motor car the defining product of the twentieth century and also ensured his own iconic status. In two volumes. (Accessed from Publisher)

ISBN: 0415248256 (v. 1)

ISBN: 0415248264 (v. 2)

ISBN: 0415248272 (set)


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