Frank and Lillian Gilbreth: critical evaluations in business and management

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Husband and wife, Frank Gilbreth (1868-1924) and Lilian Gilbreth (1878-1972), are the figures most closely identified with time and motion studies. Pushing F.W. Taylor's ideas to the limit, they sought ways to determine 'the one best way to do work'. Their lasting influence is evident in the fact that the process charts and other techniques they devised remain essentially unchanged in modern systems analysis. Along with this, they were also interested in the human aspect of work, emphasizing the need for training and worker involvement. The collection makes available, in one place, some of the most significant writings gathered from a variety of sources. The works are invaluable, not only for reference purposes, but as contributions to the history of management thought as well as the analysis of contemporary theory and the study of strategic management. In two volumes. (Accessed from Publisher)

ISBN: 0415248280 (set)

ISBN: 0415309476 (Vol.2)

ISBN: 0415309468 (Vol.1)


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