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Academic contrapower harassment (ACPH), and pedagogy for mental health through self-compassion: A conceptual paper


The application of free market principles to higher education has introduced a transactional dimension to faculty-student pedagogy. Students now grapple with the financial cost of higher education, in addition to the stress known to associate with academic performance and attainment. An established link exists between financial stress and mental health, and bullying perpetration and mental health. This link suggests fee indebtedness may assist to explain the rise of academic contrapower harassment (ACPH). Self-compassion shapes a cognitive frame of reference, correlative with enhanced mental health, through self-kindness, connection with common humanity and present moment awareness. This paper conceptualises self-compassion as a pedagogy-inclusive practice to assist a fall in ACPH incidence and a rise in personal and professional transformation, as transaction complement. The authors conclude with a conceptualisation of self-compassion as a pedagogical strategy for mental health in higher education.


higher education, conceptual paper, faculty-student pedagogy, academic contrapower harassment (ACPH), mental health, self-compassion

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