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Corporate sustainability reporting on environmental issue: An assessment of CSR framework for Lever Brothers Bangladesh


There has been an increasing public awareness on the environmental aspects of goods and services of any company. Being pressurized by the green consumers, companies are now sincerely taking the environmental and social issues into consideration in the production of their goods and services. However, there are many companies in developing countries do not adopt adequate tools or strategies in place to address the environmental issues occurred from their activities. The aim of this article is to assess the environmental and social performance of Lever Brothers Bangladesh Limited (LBBL) and identify the areas of improvement. This research shows that there are some limitations in its operational management regarding environmental management. The company needs a change in response to its various stakeholders in order to achieve its business sustainability from environmental perspective. Finally, this paper recommends for some effective tools and strategies to overcome the limitations. It is expected that LBBL will be able to attract more consumers by their green products and contribute in the sustainable development with these tools.


environmental performance, business sustainability, green consumers

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