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Ray Petridis, HETSA and the revival of the history of economic thought


As a consequence of the formalist revolution, the historical sub-discipline of the economics profession appeared to have been ‘permanently declining in professional esteem’ and, at least in the United States, had become ‘a nearly moribund subject’ (Stigler 1988, 28; 1982 [1972], 85). But as the fruits of formalism have proven to be disappointing, so this trend has been reversed. The History of Economic Thought Society of Australia (HETSA), founded twenty years ago, has made a major contribution to this intellectual rehabilitation. Ray Petridis (born 13 April 1938) played an important part in establishing and nourishing HETSA and the HETSA Bulletin, as the History of Economics Review (HER) was then called. HETSA took a collection of individual scholars and created a thriving community. The essays that follow are in appreciation of Ray’s role.



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