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On the Borderline” is an original play co-written by theatre academic-practitioner Dr Clara Armand (New Buckingham University, UK) and Sally Wyatt. The world premiere was staged at the 535-seat Bloomsbury Theatre in London’s west end in May 2010. Set in England, it is about a twist of events at a Charity Ball that changes the lives of the four main characters forever.

Bergeron played one of the two principal female characters, Anne, a newspaper journalist who is the reincarnation of a historically-significant character, Anne Askew, a Tudor gentlewoman who lived in the 16th century at the court of Henry VIII. Anne was educated, witty, charismatic and extremely devout. She wrote and published religious essays and poetry, and was ultimately tortured and burned at the stake as a heretic. She is the only woman on record to have been racked in the Tower of London before being burned at the stake as a heretic. Anne refused to renounce her faith and refused to betray her friends, one of whom was Henry VIII’s sixth and final Queen, Catherine Parr, who outlived her husband as a result of Anne’s silence.

“On the Borderline” was produced by Interanimation Theatre Company and directed by Dr Armand, the company’s artistic director. The company’s mission statement says their work: ‘articulates the three fundamental tasks of the art of theatre: to make people think, to change, and to entertain.’

Media coverage of my involvement in this international theatre production included a preview article in the Guardian newspaper, and reviews in the Evening Standard that generated local coverage in Sydney on-line newspapers (Metro; the Southern Courier).