White Ghost of Empire

Deborah Gare, University of Notre Dame Australia

Due to copyright restrictions this chapter and book are unavailable for download.

The Fuss That Never Ended: The life and work of Geoffrey Blainey may be accessed as a Google Book from the National Library of Australia here


In this volume a lively and distinguished assembly of fellow historians take a fresh look at Blainey's distinguished career. They examine his views on Aboriginality, ethnicity, environmentalism, gender, empire, immigration, technology, corporate history, labour, war, sport and media - the sheer range speaks for itself.


Blainey and the Australian historical profession / Stuart Macintyre.

Half a determinist : Blainey and the mechanics of history / Graeme Davison.

The tyranny of distance revisited / Geoffrey Bolton.

Triumph of the colonists / Tim Rowse.

Light green, dark green / Tom Griffiths.

A man's world? / Joanne Scott.

The Steven Segal factor : the corporate histories / Bridget Griffen-Foley.

White ghost of empire / Deborah Gare.

The politics of race / Andrew Markus.

From the frontier to the Gulf / Ian Hodges.

Sport matters / Tom Stannage with David Major.

My lord the workingman? / Charlie Fox.

The media game / Morag Fraser.

The Melbourne School of History : memories and reflections / Hugh Stretton, John Mulvaney, John Poynter and Ken Inglis.

ISBN: 0522850340