Creating a New Space: From Literary Migrants to Resistance Writers

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First Nations, Metis and Inuit writers must, in many respects, be the yard-stick against which the relationship between literature and migration in Canada is measured. Of course, a brief survey of their varied socio-cultural and historical circumstances shows that these peoples are not migrants themselves in the usual sense of the word. Their literatures, however, are inevitably concerned with issues of migration: the migration of other peoples into and within Canada. The advent of the French and English, and Canada's subsequent movement from a bicultural to multicultural society has obviously had an impact on Canada's Native peoples, a seen most clearly in the volumes of literature written about them and most recently, written by them.

ISBN: 9783039113170


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Migrance comparee: les litteratures du Canada et du Quebec = Comparing migration: the literatures of Canada and Quebec is available as a Google Book from the National Library of Australia here