Border Crossings: Words and Images

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'This photographic installation explores the theme of (re/de)construction through photographs and texts that centre on buildings and places in growth and decay. The installation is a study on the idea of frames and borders, and the way we use these to contain and reframe experience.

Using passages from his novel Flying in Silence, from his first poetry collection Neighbourhood of Memory, and from Winterlude (to be launched at the opening of the exhibition), the artist has tried to develop works that attempt to escape and challenge boundaries of genre, landscape and media. The collection comprises works etched on glass and on brass, of images framed in recycled timber or by corrugated iron. Indeed, in places, the Canadian images are contained by Australian woods, just as Australian poems are held in place by Canadian materials'.

Accessed from the University of Wollongong Centre for Canadian-Australian Studies at: http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/ccas/programs/2002/photo_event.html


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Professor Gerry Turcotte

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'Border Crossings' Research Statement