Hauntings: the 'Varuna' poems

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'While working to complete his first novel Flying in Silence at the famed Varuna Writers' Centre in Katoomba, NSW, Gerry was inspired to write the small collection of poetry. "It was an unexpected gift," he told the lunchtime crowd. "A found book that seemed to emerge effortlessly and fully-formed."

The poems talk about the Blue Mountains and the Writers Centre, including the lore of Eleanor Dark's ghost - who owned Varuna - and the strange experience for all the writers of being watched by the many tourists who wander through the Centre's grounds, peering in the windows at all hours of the day'.

Accessed from the Centre for Canadian-Australian Studies, University of Wollongong at: http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/ccas/programs/programs_2003.html

ISBN: 1741280141


Hauntings : the 'Varuna' poems is unavailable for download.

Students and Staff of the University of Notre Dame may access Hauntings : the 'Varuna' poems from St Benedict's Library, Sydney.

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Professor Gerry Turcotte