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A prayer for strength


The years 1862 to 1886 were arguably the 'Golden Age' in the relationship between New Norcia Monastery and the Diocese of Perth in Western Australia. Under the leadership of Bishop Rosendo Salvado, Superior of New Norcia, and Fr Martin Griver, Apostolic Administrator and later Bishop of Perth, the Catholic Church's influence within the Colony of Western Australia grew. Internally within the Catholic community the two leaders created unity, something which it had lacked during its infancy. Through the support each offered the other they were also able to maintain positions of leadership in the Diocese, despite manoeuvres by the Irish bishops in the eastern colonies to bring the Diocese under their control. This article relies significantly on their correspondence to investigate this relationship. Letters which are telling of their respect for each other and deep faith often ended with 'prayers for strength'.

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Martin Griver, New Norcia, Catholic Church of Westen Australia

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