National myths are important for all countries. They are part of the social fabric that binds us together as a nation and helps us to form our national identity. The Anzac myth is one of the most important and powerful in the Australian national story. We have all heard it, a lot of us participate in the rituals and activities (formal and informal) that help to constitute and reinforce it, a number of us have family or personal connections with it and some of us even claim to understand it. But no matter what interaction any of us may have with it individually it is the national story that takes prominence.

This article is a review of:

Lake, M., and Reynolds, H., with McKenna, M., and Damousi, J. (2010). What's wrong with Anzac?: the militarisation of Australian history, Sydney, University of New South Wales.


Anzac, Australia, Identity, history, book review, Lake, Reynolds

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