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Perspectives on the importance of creative thinking competencies to Australasian organisations


The World Economic Forum’s (2018) report lists “creativity” as the third most important competency for the future of work. This study interviews three practitioners and three academics to investigate why creative thinking competencies are important to organizations in Australasia, and how organizations can go about nurturing these competencies. The paper takes the form of a question-and-answer report (Q&A) providing direct, verbatim quotes from the participants. Readers will be able to contrast the various views, and see how creative thinking competencies can be nurtured in traditionally non-creative roles in the organization. The paper contributes a conceptual map of creative competencies and provides a source of creativity tools and frameworks that are useful to practitioners, trainers and others keen to develop their creative minds.


creativity, creative competencies, creativity tools, future of work, innovation, graduates, novelty, thinking skills

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