On a summer's evening in 1992, the year I commenced my undergraduate studies at the University of Western Australia, I gathered with hundreds of other nervous young students and their parents amongst the orange seats of Winthrop Hall. We had just received our offers for a place within the Faculty of Arts. Around the walls were clustered academics from the humanities and social sciences, and on that night we were to consider the various disciplines we could pursue in our degrees. This was the first time that I met Tom Stannage, and even now I remember it. He delivered a welcome address from the stage. He told us to be bold, do great things, have fun and change the world. He was inspiring, he was engaging and he was charismatic. The temptation to enrol in his first year history unit was understandably strong. 'But,' I said aghast to my mother, 'he teaches Australian history!'


education, history, Australian history

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