For several years now the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) has been expanding its online presence through the Association's website, Facebook page and Twitter account. In order to ascertain whether these activities are worth the investment of time and energy required to pursue and maintain them, an audience survey was undertaken. Coupled with interrogation of Facebook and Twitter user data, the survey results were assessed to understand better AAA's online audience, the value of particular kinds of content, and the online platforms and their use, in order to tailor the Association's efforts. Results show surprising uptake and use by all age groups, despite the common perception that social media users are predominantly 'young'. Our overall assessment is that a strong understanding of one's audience leads to more sophisticated use of online media, which is proving essential to achieving the objects and purposes of the Association in terms of public education and the dissemination of archaeological information, allowing a much broader audience beyond the Association's own membership base to be reached.


online media, user survey, audience survey, Australian Archaeological Association

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