Aristos Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be prepared following the guidelines specified below and follow Chicago referencing style. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted for publication unless amended.

Document Specifications

Students must submit their work in the following formats: .doc, .docx.
Please note that .pdf submissions will not be accepted for publication.

Margins 2.5cm margins all around (top, bottom, left & right)
Paper A4
Justification Left
Spacing 1.5 line spacing


The Oxford English Dictionary’s version of UK usage is the accepted standard of spelling. Quotations should follow the spelling of the quoted source.


Indent the first line of each paragraph with one tab space and do not leave lines between paragraphs. As a general guide, each paragraph should discuss only one main point and be around 250 words in length.


Quotes of 40 words or more should be separated from the paragraph with one line space at the top and bottom, and indented from the left margin. No quotation marks should be used for indented quotes. Quotes of less than 40 words should be framed by single quotation marks and kept within the paragraph text. Double marks are to be used for enclosing quotations within quotations. Closing punctuation should be shown outside the quotation marks unless it belongs to the quoted text.

Headings and Subheadings

TITLE Capital letters, 12pt.
Author’s Name Directly under title, 12pt.
Subheadings Subheadings should be numbered, bold and 12pt:
      1. Subheading
      1.1 Sub Sub Heading


Main text 12 pt. Please use Times New Roman or the closest comparable font available in size 12.
Footnotes 10 pt. Times New Roman or the closest comparable font available.
  Underlining is used only for website URLs.


An abstract of 100 words (minimum) and 300 words (maximum) must be included in the submission immediately preceding the text of the article. It must summarise rather than re-state sections of the main text.

Key words

3-6 key words should be provided under the abstract. These words to help to identify the main themes/concepts/subjects explored in your work.


Submissions should not exceed 6,000 words, exclusive of footnotes. Shorter submissions are welcome.


Aristos follows the Chicago Referencing Style. Any submissions using a referencing style other than Chicago will not be accepted for publication. You can view the Chicago Referencing Style Guide here: http://library.nd.edu.au/referencing/chicago

Document Layout

All submissions must feature the following layout:

Author’s Name

(The abstract must summarise rather than re-state sections of the main text and should be 100-300 words in length.)

Key words
(You should include 3-6 key words that easily identify the main themes/concepts/subjects explored in your work.)

Main Text**

(All references and footnotes must use the Chicago Referencing Style.)

**The main text of the work should be separated into a number of sections using subtitles. These subtitles should be numbered and focus on different areas of your research/argument. For example:
1. Introduction
2. Style Guide
2.1 Document Specifications
2.2 Document Layout
3. Submission Process
4. Relevance of Research
4.1 Subject Matter
4.2 Argument
5. Conclusion


Once your article meets the submission guidelines, you can submit your work (as a .doc or .docx file) by email to your lecturer or to Glynnis Nancarrow, . The subject of your email should read ‘Article for Aristos’.