Submissions from 2016


Book Review - Philosophy in schools: an introduction for philosophers and teachers, Laura D'Olimpio


Cultural DeCoding: A humanities program for gifted and talented high school students seeking university entrance, Laura D'Olimpio, Angela McCarthy, and Annette Pedersen


Philosophy for children meets the art of living: a holistic approach to an education for life, L D'Olimpio and C Teschers

Submissions from 2015


Trust, well-being and the community of philosophical inquiry, Laura D'Olimpio


The dictionaries in which we learn to think, Timothy Flanagan Dr.


European identity and other mysteries - seeking out the hidden source of unity for a troubled polity, P Jimenez


We make ourselves real by telling the truth: Merton and aging, Glenn J. Morrison

Submissions from 2014


Virtuous soldiers: A role for the liberal arts?, Matthew Beard


Thoughts on film: Critically engaging with both Adorno and Bejamin, Laura D'Olimpio

Book Review of "From Enlightenment to Receptivity: Rethinking Our Values", Sandra Lynch

Review of Michael H. Mitias' Friendship: A central moral value, Sandra Lynch

Submissions from 2013

Risking aggression: Toleration of threat & preventive war, Matt Beard

Cyberwar and just war theory, Matthew Beard


Personhood, harm and interest: A reply to Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, Matthew Beard and Sandra Lynch

What is education? Re-reading metaphysics in search of foundations, Angus Brook

Using standards rubrics to assure graduate capabilities within the context of undergraduate liberal arts programmes, Angus Brook, Sandra Lynch, and Moira Debono

The frustrations of virtue: The myth of moral neutrality in psychotherapy, Richard P. Hamilton

Book Review: The William Desmond Reader, Renee Köhler Ryan

Giving voice to values: An undergraduate nursing curriculum project, Sandra Lynch, Bethne L. Hart, and Catherine Costa

Submissions from 2012

Gifted beggars in the Metaxu: A study of the Platonic and Augustinian resonances of porosity in "God and the Between", Renee Köhler Ryan


Conceptualising the structure of the biophysical organising principle: Triple-aspect-theory of being, Joseph Naimo

Submissions from 2011


Combating anti anti-luck epistemology, Brent J C Madison


Peacocke’s a priori arguments against scepticism, Brent J C Madison

Submissions from 2010


Heidegger’s Notion of Religion: The limits of being-understanding, Angus Brook


The concept of health: Beyond normativism and naturalism, Richard Hamilton


Shame and philosophy, Richard P. Hamilton

Open secrets: Reading and understanding, Sandra Lynch


Epistemic internalism, Brent J C Madison


Is justification knowledge?, Brent J C Madison

Book Review: Berys Gaut, Art, Emotion and Ethics, Richard Umbers

Book Reviews: Robert C Roberts and W Jay Wood, Intellectual Virtues: an Essay in Regulative Epistemology and Ernest Sosa, A Virtue Epistemology: Apt Belief and Reflective Knowledge, Richard Umbers

Submissions from 2009

The potentiality of authenticity in becoming a teacher, Angus Brook

On the compatibility of epistemic internalism and content externalism, Brent J C Madison

Submissions from 2008


A phenomenological interpretation of religion via pre-Socratic thinking, Angus Brook


The Darwinian cage: Evolutionary psychology as moral science, Richard Hamilton

Submissions from 2007


Divine love in the writings of Heloise of the Paraclete, Carmel Posa

Submissions from 2005

De Profundis Clamavi ad Te Domine: The existential significance of depth for Berkeley, Merleau-Ponty and Desmond, Renee Köhler Ryan

Submissions from 2002

Aristotle and Derrida on friendship, Sandra Lynch


Space time event motion (STEM) – A better metaphor and a new concept, Joseph Naimo