Submissions from 2003


Naltrexone implant and blood naltrexone levels over pregnancy, Gary K. Hulse, Diane Arnold-Reed, George O'Neil, and Robert C. Hansson


Renal colic: A prospective evaluation of non-enhanced spiral CT versus intravenous pyelography, Richard M. Mendelson, Diane Arnold-Reed, Melvyn Kuan, Andrew W. Wedderburn, James E. Anderson, Gregory Sweetman, Max K. Bulsara, and Julian Mander


Characterization of arginine transport in Helicobacter pylori, George L. Mendz and Brendan P. Burns


Cell migration: a novel aspect of pancreatic stellate cell biology, P A. Phillips, M J. Wu, R K. Kumar, E Doherty, J A. McCarroll, S Park, Ron C. Pirola, J S. Wilson, and M V. Apte


Validation of the FibroTest Biochemical Markers Score in assessing liver fibrosis in hepatitis C patients, Enrico Rossi, Leon Adams, Alexander Prins, Max K. Bulsara, Bastiaan de Boer, George Garas, Gerry MacQuillan, David Speers, and Gary Jeffrey


Suction technique to improve cement penetration under the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty, Kate Stannage, David Shakespeare, and Max K. Bulsara


The complete genome sequence of the carcinogenic bacterium Helicobacter hepaticus, Sebastian Suerbaum, Christine Josenhans, Torsten Sterzenbach, Bernd Drescher, Petra Brandt, Monica Bell, Marcus Dröge, Berthold Fartmann, Hans-Peter Fischer, Zhongming Ge, Andrea Hörster, Rudi Holland, Kerstin Klein, Jochen König, Ludwig Macko, George L. Mendz, Gerald Nyakatura, David B. Schauer, Zeli Shen, Jacqueline Weber, Matthias Frosch, and James G. Fox


The Australian intervention randomized control of rate in atrial fibrillation trial (AIRCRAFT), Rukshen Weerasooriya, Michael Davis, Anne Powell, Tamas Szili-Torok, David Whalley, Logan Kanagaratnam, William Heddle, James Leitch, Louise Ferguson, and Max K. Bulsara

Submissions from 2002

Prostate cancer in general practice. Results of a five year prospective clinical study in one practice, Tom Brett

Submissions from 2000

Prostate cancer. What part does diet play?, Tom Brett

Submissions from 1998


An analysis of digital rectal examination and serum-prostate-specific antigen in the early detection of prostate cancer in general practice, Tom Brett

Patients' attitudes to prostate cancer, Tom Brett

Submissions from 1994

General practice screening for prostate cancer. A prospective study, Tom Brett

Submissions from 1992

Opportunistic cervical screening among 50-70 year olds. A prospective study in general practice, Tom Brett