Submissions from 2015


Avoiding unnecessary divorce and restoring justice in marital separations - review of Family Law Act 1975 (FLA), Christopher Brohier and Nigel K. Zimmermann


Wolves among us: some brief reflections on the "bona fides" of gendered violence in computer game art, Adam Jardine


Should Australian courts give more witnesses the right to Skype?, Marilyn Krawitz and Justine Howard


Cyberbullying - when does a school authority's liability in tort end?, Robert Pelletier, Boris Handal, Jessica Khalil, and Tryon Franicis


Who Was Sherem?, A Keith Thompson


The doctrine of resurrection in the Book of Mormon, Anthony K. Thompson


"Originalism" in Magna Carta, Augusto Zimmerman

Submissions from 2014


The meaning of 'market value' in Australia's Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, Nicholas Augustinos


An opt-in approach to regulating the employment decisions of religious schools, Greg Walsh


Educational Institutions and the prohibition on disability discrimination, Greg Walsh


The right to equality and the employment decisions of religious schools, Greg Walsh

Submissions from 2013


Apportionment of dual-purpose expenses, Nicholas Augustinos

Submissions from 2012

Beyond the call of duty: Why shouldn't video game players face the same dilemmas as real soldiers?, Ben Clarke, Christian Rouffaer, and Francois Senechaud


A cultural challenge for the Western Australian legal profession: a lack of diversity at the WA Bar?, Jill Howieson and Tomas W. Fitzgerald

Political protections of fundamental rights as a means of mitigating the weaknesses of legal protections, Lara Pratt

Pleading trespass in medical cases: Avoiding the limitations imposed on the award of damages, Greg Walsh

Complexities in proving delayed diagnosis of cancer cases, Greg Walsh and Anna Walsh

Submissions from 2011


In memoriam: Sir Ian Brownlie, Ben Clarke

A critical evaluation of the pre-litigation protocols, Greg Walsh and Ramina Kambar

Submissions from 2010

When can the limitation period for childbirth claims be extended?, Libby Brookes and Greg Walsh

Securing compliance with IHL: The promise and limits of contemporary enforcement mechanisms [conference report], Ben Clarke

At full capacity: Farr v State of Queensland [2009] NSWSC 906, Anna Walsh and Greg Walsh

Legal liability for injuries sustained from repair work carried out on residential properties, Greg Walsh

Measuring legal expertise: The merits of a national law examination, Greg Walsh

At the intersection of law and medicine: Promoting the inherent dignity and human rights of persons with disabilities, Greg Walsh and Anna Walsh

Medical practitioners and the duty to rescue, Greg Walsh and Anna Walsh

No duty of care owed by hotel operators, Greg Walsh and Anna Walsh

Tabet v Gett: The end of loss of chance actions in Australia?, Greg Walsh and Anna Walsh

Submissions from 2009


Law, religion and violence: A human rights-based response to punishment (by state and non-state actors) of apostasy, Ben Clarke

Cyberbullying: A real and present danger, Robert Pelletier

Submissions from 2008

Should health professionals be under a legal duty to disclose familial genetic information?, Meredith Blake

East Timor: What's wrong?, Frank Brennan


Innovative building materials and sick building syndrome: Liabilities of manufacturers and importers of defective materials, Philip Evans

Gone but not forgotten - fame and abandonment under Section 92(4)(b) of the Trade Marks Act, Christopher N. Kendall and Tomas Fitzgerald

A new tort of privacy – We should be able to sue, Robert Pelletier

Submissions from 2007

Religious beliefs and medical treatment: The challenge to patient consent, Meredith J. Blake


Freedom of speech and criticism of religion: What are the limits?, Ben Clarke


Censorship and morality in cyberspace: Regulating the gender-based harms of pornography online, Michelle Evans


Plant breeder's rights, Philip J. Evans and Thomas Haines


Great expectations: Inheritance, equity and the family farm, Robyn Honey and Michelle Evans

Defining 'inventiveness' - still not 'obvious' post-Lockwood, Christopher Kendall and Tomas Fitzgerald


The globalisation of human rights law, The Hon David K. Malcolm

Submissions from 2006


What's morality got to do with it?: The gender based harms of pornography, Michelle Evans


Arbitration under the Gas Pipelines Access Act 1998 (WA), Philip J. Evans

Submissions from 2005


Military occupation and the rule of law: The legal obligations of occupying forces in Iraq, Ben Clarke

The Willem C v International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2004-05, J Collie, Tomas Fitzgerald, K Hevron, G Moens, M Mukund, and M Taylor


The Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA): What engineers need to know, Philip J. Evans

Submissions from 2004


Spoiled holidays: Damages for disappointment or distress, Philip J. Evans

Submissions from 2003


Primary boycotts and medical services, Philip J. Evans

Submissions from 2000

Trial By ordeal? Polygraph testing In Australia, Ben Clarke